Kamis, 04 Oktober 2007


Just like everyone else this weekend I signed up for BlogRush in eager anticipation of the flood of traffic it would bring. After reading more about BlogRush though, I realized that because my blog does not get nearly as much traffic as the really, really big guys, I probably would not get very many impressions/clicks from it. However I was pleasantly surprised today when I started seeing significant traffic with the BlogRush referrer on it, but I was puzzled at how I could be generating so many impressions.

am I able to generate so many BlogRush impressions:
As I was pouring through my logs scratching my head trying to figure out why I was getting so much traffic from BlogRush it hit me: I have a page over at the main site that ranks between #2 and #5 (it changes day-to-day) for the search term “make money on the internet“, and gets a lot of traffic. Saturday I updated that page with information about BlogRush, but instead of taking the time to take a screenshot and make a JPG of the BlogRush Widget, I just pasted the actual code from my blog right onto that page. The result of my laziness? Instant thousands of impressions being recorded to my BlogRush account! I’m sure the guys at BlogRush will eventually fix this by making sure that domain on pages with the BlogRush widget match the domain listed in our account settings, but until then, if you have a website that gets a lot of traffic that is independent from your blog, throw your widget code on it and drum-up a few extra impressions.

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