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Free and try iT

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Kamis, 04 Oktober 2007


Just like everyone else this weekend I signed up for BlogRush in eager anticipation of the flood of traffic it would bring. After reading more about BlogRush though, I realized that because my blog does not get nearly as much traffic as the really, really big guys, I probably would not get very many impressions/clicks from it. However I was pleasantly surprised today when I started seeing significant traffic with the BlogRush referrer on it, but I was puzzled at how I could be generating so many impressions.

am I able to generate so many BlogRush impressions:
As I was pouring through my logs scratching my head trying to figure out why I was getting so much traffic from BlogRush it hit me: I have a page over at the main site that ranks between #2 and #5 (it changes day-to-day) for the search term “make money on the internet“, and gets a lot of traffic. Saturday I updated that page with information about BlogRush, but instead of taking the time to take a screenshot and make a JPG of the BlogRush Widget, I just pasted the actual code from my blog right onto that page. The result of my laziness? Instant thousands of impressions being recorded to my BlogRush account! I’m sure the guys at BlogRush will eventually fix this by making sure that domain on pages with the BlogRush widget match the domain listed in our account settings, but until then, if you have a website that gets a lot of traffic that is independent from your blog, throw your widget code on it and drum-up a few extra impressions.

Minggu, 30 September 2007

Kontera Logo
A few months back I was approached by Kontera and asked if I would like to try their In-Text advertising at GrownUpGeek.com. The account manager was confident that based on my traffic I should be able to earn $1,000/mo easily. Well, I’m happy to say that she was wrong. The first month I earned $1,400, and over $1,500 the next two months in a row (If you’d like to see what a $1,500 payment looks like, check out my picture over at the Shoe money . Kontera is now our 2nd biggest earner, right behind Adsense and I could not be more happy (or surprised).

What is Kontera?
Kontera uses ContextLinks that are contextuallyKontera Text Link matched to the text on your webpages, similar to the way that Adsense works. These ContextLinks appear as links on your page with small ‘pop-up’ bubbles that appear when you hover your mouse over them. Visitors click on the pop-up and you earn on a CPC basis.Kontera describes it this way on theirKontera:

A contextually relevant keyword that is discovered in real-time on a web page from within Kontera´s vast network of publishers, and is automatically turned into a link to the most relevant ad from among Kontera´s thousands of advertisers. With ContentLink™ publishers generate incremental revenue while advertisers reach their most targeted audience on a Cost-Per-Click basis.

Kontera is fast and very easy to get started. Apply online and then add the code to your pages and you’re done. They do have a few restrictions though, so it is not for everybody. You must generate at least 250,000 page-impressions per month (although they are easing up on this recently), your site must be in English, and your site must be “content rich” (aka not MFA).

Even though Kontera is a contextual advertising system you can use it on the same pages as Adsense. The Adsense TOS has recently been updated/clarified and states that you can use competing contextually-based advertising systems as long as they do not have the same “look and feel” as Adsense.

Since we started using Kontera we have not seen any detectable drop in Adsense CTR, and it has steadily and consistently been earning roughly 50%-75% of what Adsense makes.. If you are currently making $100/day (or per month) you can expect to add an additional $50-$75 by implementing Kontera.

If you want to read more about Kontera’s InText system, or to sign up, go to www.kontera.com.

Post From My Bos http://success.grownupgeek.com/
Kontera And Proxy

I’m on vacation this week and writing from the beaches of San Diego (Mission Bay to be exact). Since I can never get anybody to guest-post for me, I’ll just post myself but they’ll be short ‘n sweet.

A DP Forum member recently PM’d me asking if was acceptable to use Kontera on proxies and proxified pages. Below is the official response from Kontera regarding proxies and proxified pages:

Kontera does not work with web-proxy services, so the answer to both of your questions would be “no”. Proxy services create an obvious problem with identifying who the original content belongs to and limits our ability to ensure that our ads are only showing on appropriate areas.

There is it

Jumat, 28 September 2007

NOTE: What I’m about to explain is probably something that most webmasters already do, and have always done - but hang in there until the end, there is a moral to the story.

For the last week or two I’ve been trying to figure out how to better monetize my forums. With only a single Adsense skyscraper displaying on the right-side of every forum post I’ve always known that CTR (and earnings) would be low - and it has been. Several months ago I added Kontera to the site to in an effort to increase my forum earnings and now Kontera is now bringing in an extra $1,000 or more per month - but with page-views approaching one-million per month, I knew I could do even better.

I initially wanted to add an additional Adsense leaderboard on every forum-post, just below the title. But accomplishing this with my current customized-mess of a Drupal install proved more difficult than it sounded. Finally, with a little help and encouragement from my good friend Joe, who runs SwimmingPoolKnowledge.com I was able to settle on a leaderboard at the top of every page (not just forum posts), just below the title. Up until now, I had Adsense on most pages, but many pages had no advertisements at all. This is because from the beginning I tried to keep GrownUpGeek.com as UN-spammy as i could, and I kept ads to a minimum. However, now that I only show Adsense and Kontera to guest visitors, and not members, I thought I could take the leap to having at least one leaderboard on every page.

The result ?
As I expected, I was getting more overall clicks from these additional Adsense impressions, but what I did not expect was the actual CTR%. Of course I can’t disclose what the actual CTR is, but let’s just say it’s about 4x higher than that single skyscraper in the forums. Multiply that 4x higher CTR by almost 30,000 pageviews per day and that comes up to just over 25% higher overall Adsense earnings.

So what’s the moral to this lame post that I promised you’d find here at the end?
I guess if there really was a point I was trying to get across it would be this:

Don’t become complacent (or lazy) with your site or your earnings

It would be very easy for me to kick-back and enjoy the $6,000/month that the site has been generating, but I knew I could do better. It would be very easy for me to just leave the site “as is” and let it run on autopilot, but I don’t.

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Selasa, 18 September 2007

AdSense designed for invalid clicks?

Philipp made an interesting observation this morning about the difference between Google AdWords and AdSense units — the clickable zones on them are noticeably different enough to raise some concern. It appears AdSense units are designed for accidental clicks — or at least not designed for no accidental clicks.
A long time ago, Google made the ad units on their result pages only respond to clicks on the title link — before that, you could click anywhere on the advertisement. Why did they stop doing this? Here’s what they said:
“these changes help decrease the likelihood that a user will unintentionally click on an ad”
Now the question is, even after updates to AdSense, do they still allow “accidental” clicks? It seems to me this is being done in their best interest and at the same time ripping off a lot of advertisers who choose to show their ads in the AdSense network.

Digg diggs Microsoft, not Google

An announcement made today by Digg’s founder, Kevin Rose, prepares his users for an upcoming change that I’m sure would have caused a stir if nothing was pre-announced. Google has been used by the company to serve advertisements on their website since it was launched, but today Kevin says that they will be switching to Microsoft because they have a more “scalable technology platform”.
I’m not sure what he means by that, but anyway, this new 3 year contract does hit Google where it hurts. Since advertising is pretty much Google’s only means of making money, huge clients like Digg are worth keeping.
It will be interesting to see what Digg users think of the new ad units when they arrive. What do you think?

Apakah adsense benar benar memberikan penghasilan uang?